The benefits to exercise are simply countless. The list overflows with benefits that affect overall health and fitness, not only of the body but also the mind. Regular exercise helps keep the body healthy, keeps your mood relaxed, and protects you from chronic diseases. Exercise can improve your performance in anything you do and, in the long run, actually prolong your life.

If a Personal Trainer isn't for you and you think you may benefit from an aqua mobility class, exercise on prescription or the Falls Prevention class then please get in touch for more details.


           Looking After YOU!


Most of us are so busy worrying about others we forget to look after ourselves.

Keeping fit and healthy may not be as hard to fit into your lifestyle as you may think. Staying healthy physically can help you stay healthy emotionally too. If you are eating the right food and keeping fit, your body will be strong and help you to cope with stress and also fight illness.

           MUSCLE TONE


Some people are not interested in developing large muscles or bulking up, but are looking to tone their muscles and appear fit. Gaining muscle tone takes an overall fitness program; that consists of consistent cardio and weight-training exercise. While strength training is what directly causes muscles to develop and become toned, it's necessary that you have a healthy body fat percentage to receive the full benefits. 

           CORE STRENGTH


When performing any activity on a normal flat surface the body will be well supported and so does not have to work particularly hard to maintain a stable position. The primary benefit of using an exercise ball is that the body has to respond to the instability of the ball to remain balanced. This engages and strengthens the deeper stabilising muscles in the body. Exercise balls will be one of the best pieces of equipment for you if you are specifically looking to develop core strength, posture and muscle tone.

           Building Muscle


It's easy to hit the gym for 30 - 40 minutes compared to what you have to do outside the gym to build muscle. There are no secrets or magic pills that will transform your body, but only an understanding of the basic principles that have been tried and tested. Once you understand and implement these basic principles will you start to see the results your looking for.

           Falls Prevention Class

Falls classes are for people who have had falls, have a fear of falling, poor balance or mobility. All Falls Prevention classes are run by tutors who have undertaken the Postural Stability Course run by Later Life Training (the current recommended training course). Tutors use gentle movements to strengthen the leg, arm, back, ankle and pelvic floor muscles which help to improve balance and mobility.

Some People Want It To Happen..

Some Wish It Would Happen..

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