Oct 2011

Weight : 112kg 

BF    : 56 %



Jan 2014

Weight : 53 kg

   BF  : 36 %

Eve's Story..


Since the age of 14 I had tried almost every diet brought to my attention. During my teens and twenties I was either losing weight slowly on a diet, or gaining weight quickly because I wasn’t on one.

During my thirties I gave up diets and put on a vast amount of weight, then I made a big effort as I reached 40 and got back to my correct weight again.

At 50 I gave up smoking and from there my weight rocketed. I put on 3 stone almost straight away and although with the support of a good friend I lost that weight, it was back with more 6 months later.

I just could not face another diet and I felt that it was hopeless and that nothing would work.When I was referred to Clayton in October 2011 I was suffering from high blood pressure, arthritis in my knees, I wheezed constantly when I moved, and I couldn’t kneel down or get up from a low chair.

I found walking difficult and even doing the shopping was almost impossible as I couldn’t carry the extra weight. Life was miserable. I was referred to Clayton on the Prescription scheme.

I had never been interested in taking part in sport, and I had never been to a gym before. I didn’t expect to like it, and I was very nervous of trying anything new. I was concerned that I was too heavy for the equipment, and afraid of falling and hurting myself.

Clayton was very patient and encouraging, and gradually I began to enjoy going to gym and doing some exercise.

Clayton also encouraged me to consider what I was eating, so as to change to selecting more healthy options. I won’t say that I haven’t put on a little weight from time to time over Xmas or when I have been on holiday, but with Clayton’s support I have then taken it off again, and this is the longest period of my life that I have managed to keep a reasonably constant weight for.

My blood pressure is now normal and my general health is fine. I can now enjoy walking, shopping doing all of the normal things that people do. I go to the gym regularly and I will reach my goal weight eventually and then I will keep that weight. I would recommend Clayton to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer.

I wish I had found him years ago instead of wasting money on slimming clubs which never worked for me or any of my friends on a long term basis. I am healthier and happier now than I have ever been before.